Houseplants: Bringing Life Into Your Home

There is a lot you can do with home décor to brighten a home, but the best ever is adding house plants. I am a believer in the benefits of house plants. They purify your home, boost your mood and can bring life to any space. You may think that house plants are for those lucky people with a green thumb, but let me assure you, I have the opposite of a green thumb. I think my thumb just might be black. Ugh. However, even with a black thumb, I still think house plants are a great investment. Many plants are inexpensive and you can find forgiving stores with great return policies for when you’re just starting out. If you can justify spending money on flowers that you know won’t last forever, then you can justify spending some money on a house plant that can last much longer.

I recently purchased our first house plant for our current home, and it has changed our world. I can’t wait to buy more. Today I want to share 5 house plants you should consider for your home.

Majesty Palm

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A non-expensive houseplant that can be found at any local hardware store from anywhere from $15-$25. The Majesty Palm is easy to care for and only needs several hours of indirect sun light. Watered frequently, the soil should remain moist but not wet.


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An Aloe plant has great health benefits and can be used for first-aid purposes. Aloe is a non-expensive houseplant that can be found at any local hardware store for $10-$15. Place your Aloe plant in a sunny window with indirect sun light and rotate occasionally so the full plant can receive light. Allow soil to dry between watering.

Snake Plant

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Another non-expensive plant that can survive almost any black thumb. You can find Snake Plants at any local hardware store from anywhere between $15-$25. Snake Plants should be placed on a spot with indirect sunlight and can be acclimated to many different lighting environments. Allow the soil to dry between watering.


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A great option for those with a black thumb.  Purchase your succulents anywhere plants are sold due to the popularity and easy care. Succulents can cost anywhere from $ 8-$15. Place your succulents in a sunny window where they will receive plenty of indirect sunlight. Water them infrequently, and allow the soil to remain dry most of the time.

Fiddle Fig

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You can’t have a plant post without the popular fiddle fig tree. As beautiful as fiddle fig trees are, they are not the most affordable. Hunt for the fiddle fig at you local nursery. The price can range from $60-$100. If you manage to pick up one of these beauties, place your plant in an area where it will receive bright indirect sunlight. Let soil dry between watering.

Mom (who has a little green thumb) suggests leaving plants in original pots for as long as possible, giving the plants a chance to acclimate to your house environment. Right when the roots are “bursting at the seams” replant to next biggest pot. She likes using small wastebaskets as cheap decorative containers.



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